Helichrysum Italicum Immortelle Seedlings

Start your own Immortelle plantation! Here’s everything you need to know about our seedlings.

Prodaja Sadnica Smilja Helichrysum Italicum Immortelle

Who are we?

We are the first and only Immortelle nursery in Knin, Croatia that produces Helichrysum Immortelle seedlings for essential oil plantations. Using eco-friendly and traditional methods of growing, we have helped start up thousands of Immortelle plantations across Croatia!

Aside from our nursery, we also grow and cultivate our own Immortelle plantation that is later harvested and distilled for essential oils. To meet the high demand for this “liquid gold”, we also work closely with other local Croatian Immortelle plantations that meet our standards for the production of essential oil.

Prodaja Sadnica Smilja Helichrysum Italicum Imortelle Knin Croatia

Prodaja Sadnica Smilja Helichrysum Italicum Imortelle Knin Croatia

The Origin of Our Immortelle Seedlings

The Immortelle that we grow is the Helichrysum Italicum species that is native to the Mediterranean region. We source our seeds from natural occurring Immortelle that is found in the wild in the Zadar Croatia area, which is known to produce the highest quality Immortelle oil.

Grm Smilja Prodaja Sadnica

Sticking to Traditions and Keeping Things Organic

Before we plant our Immortelle in the field, we carefully grow the seedlings in styrofoam containers placed in a temperature regulated greenhouse. This way, we can transplant seedlings that already have a mature, and developed root system which will easily adapt to outdoor field conditions.

We strive to provide the best quality Immortelle and essential oils by sticking to traditional growing methods, using no artificial chemicals of any kind.
We do not use any pesticides or fertilizers, which makes our Immortelle 100% natural and healthy to use.



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