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What is Immortelle?

Immortelle (Helichrysum italicum) is yellow flowering plant that grows in sunny, dry, rocky, and sandy areas around the Mediterranean. It blossoms in the summer and late fall and is used for dried flower arrangements and essential oils. This plant isn’t called Immortelle for nothing – every year it blossoms in areas where only rare plants can survive, in the scorching heat without water.

Immortelle also produces oil used for medicinal and cosmetic purposes. It’s has so many useful healing properties and is a wonderful oil for anti-aging, wrinkles, acne scars and redness. In Croatia, it’s oil is known to be called liquid gold since it’s staggering price tag reaches 2,000 euros per liter.

Helichrysum Italicum Oil

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Immortelle oil plays a huge part of Croatia’s cultural life and traditions. The production of Immortelle oil began in Dalmatia, Croatia at the beginning of the 20th century. Only in the 1980’s did it pave its way into the aromatherapy industry where it is still used today for it’s magical healing properties.

Producing Immortelle oil is a long process where a lot of physical labor, knowledge, and dedication are required. It takes 3 years for an Immortelle plant to be in full bloom, and about 1 ton of flowers to produce only 1L of oil.

Where can it Grow?


Immortelle Helichrysum Italicum can only grow in dry, rocky, and sandy areas of the Mediterranean. It cannot be grown in waterlogged soil or areas where there is too much rain and not enough sunlight. If it is still grown in those areas, it may survive but cannot produce any essential oils.

Starting an Immortelle Plantation


When starting an immortelle plantation, you can expect for your seedlings to last anywhere from 5-8 years. It is very important to plan where you will start your immortelle plantation and not to plant it somewhere where a plant that produces many roots was last cultivated. It is important to plough and mill the soil multiple times before planting. We recommend not using any type of pesticides or manure since this will ruin the purity of oil produced and will show up later in laboratory oil examinations.

Harvesting and Producing Essential Oil

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To produce essential oils from Immortelle, it must be distilled within 24 hours of picking. It is important to let the immortelle slightly wilt before the distillation process, which is done using a distillery that works with steamed water.

Interested in Purchasing Immortelle Essential Oil?

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Our family operated Immortelle plantation goes into bloom twice a year, giving you twice the chance to place an order with us! In order to meet the high global demand of Immortelle oil, we also work with other local Croatian Immortelle farmers. All of our essential oils come with a GC/MS (Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry) analysis to make sure you are purchasing the best and purest essential oils. Please CONTACT US HERE!